16 Feb The Scoop on Fairfield

If you’re a Victoria native, you already know what a wonderful neighborhood Fairfield is. Walking distance to Dallas road, Beacon Hill park and Cook Street Village, are just a few of the wonderful places to visit in the neighborhood.

Today, we’re sharing our five favourite reasons why we LOVE Fairfield.

1. Sir James Douglas Elementary

Sir James Douglas Elementary school, located right in the heart of Farifield is the number 3 ranked public school in Victoria and is a wonderful school, with an amazing PAC and incredible teachers and support staff. In addition to all this it has a fantastic Out of School Care program, with a full day preschool option which is unheard of in Victoria!

2. Fairfield Community Centre

The Fairfield Gonzales community centre sits on top of the hill just behind Sir James Douglas Elementary and has a variety of wonderful programs for all ages, but especially for preschool ages. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning there’s a free drop in play group for birth to 5 years old, where they provide a snack for the kids and coffee for the caregivers.

3. The Cottage Bakery and Cafe

Just down the street from the school tucked in the basement of the house is the Cottage Bakery and Cafe. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee and they make the most incredible fresh croissants. Also right beside the Cottage Bakery and Cafe, there is a little sweet shop called Tout de Sweet that makes handmade organic sweets like marshmallows and caramels.

4. Moss Street Market

The Moss Street Market is probably one of the most popular and well known markets in town running every Saturday from 10-2 May through October. But did you know the market also runs during the winter months? From November to March the market runs every Saturday from 10-12 in the Garry Oak room which is located on the back side of the school and incidentally can also be rented out for your special events through the Fairfield Community Centre!

5.Fairfield Branch

Fairfield Branch might be the cutest little coffee shop in town, tucked away behind the Gonzales Pharmacy off Irving at Fairfield. They’re across the street from Margaret Jenkins Elementary and just up the hill from Gonzales beach. They’ve got a little courtyard, perfect for escaping the bustle and relaxing with friends, and they have the best toast in town!